NUP Leader Confident of Victory in December Election

NUP Leader Confident of Victory in December Election
NUP Leader Confident of Victory in December Election

Africa-Press – Gambia. Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh, leader of National Unity Party (NUP) has affirmed his confidence that the newly formed party will come victorious in the 4th December, election saying that the party is the solution to many problems Gambia is currently facing.

The NUP leader currently on a nationwide campaign selling his party programs and agenda to Gambian electorates disclosed to this medium that health, agriculture and education are the main priorities of an incoming NUP government.

Speaking exclusively with this reporter, the National Unity Party (NUP) anchor-man predicted that his party will emerge victorious in the forthcoming Presidential election, as this has been manifested by the electorates who accorded them with warm welcomes throughout the country.

“We are very confident of victory just like any other candidate contesting in the 4th December, 2021 election. This confidence is bank on the warm reception accorded to the party in all the communities visited throughout the country,” Abdoulie Jammeh, disclosed.

He added: “All we have to tell the electorates is that they should all come out and vote for NUP on the 4th December. We are of the view that this party is the solution to Gambia’s problems as clearly outlined in our manifesto.”

According to him, the National Unity Party’s main focus will is to fix the dwindling health, agriculture and education sectors, adding that an effective and competent administration will be instituted to address the lapses incurred in these sectors.

“There are lots of priorities that the country has but for us at NUP, our main focus is to address the issues of health, agriculture and education. We have abundant land and water resources available in the country and this we intent to utilize in the interest of the country,” NUP Leader revealed his plan.

According to him, NUP government will do all it takes to do mechanize agriculture in the country, the government will enhance irrigated scheme projects that will ensure full year agricultural activities for the farmers.

The former Managing Director of Gambia Civic Aviation Authority (GCAA) revealed that the party’s campaign has been going on perfectly without hinge, commending the level of maturity of the electorates, especially those in the rural part of the country.

The party also on Thursday (yesterday) engaged the communities of Baja Kunda, Briffu and Sutukoba all in the Wuli East Constituency in the Upper River Region (URR).

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