Sutukoba inaugurates D540K solar milling machine


The people of Sutukoba village in the Upper River Region over the weekend inaugurated a solar milling machine worth D540, 000. The machine was provided by Ms. Yasmina Barka-Jatta and Mr. Sana F.K. Jatta.

A total of D540,000 was mobilised to finance the solar milling machine, which was imported from the Republic of Spain. The amount of D244,000 was used to transport the machine.

The project spent D82,000.00 in building the complex for the machine and its solar panels, which was transported and installed by GAM-Solar Energy and Engineering Co. Ltd. at an additional cost of D60,000.

Mr. Jatta who resides in Italy, said additional investment was made in four batteries and inverter for the solar panels at a cost of 2,750 Euros; an equivalent of about D154,000.

Jatta urged the beneficiaries to make best use of the machine, adding that they will love to support them with more, provided that the materials given are well controlled and operated for the interest of the village.

He expressed delight in helping his community, saying that he was not the only person behind the support. He added that they are planning another big fundraising to support the village.

Mr. Jatta said the purchase of the solar milling machine for the women would not only improve their living conditions but also use clean energy and produce zero emission of greenhouse gases. “The machine is simple to operate and will incur next to nothing in running costs, as there is no need for fossil fuel use,” he explained.

“The present assistance is a follow-up on a previous support provided by Mrs. Yasmina Barka-Jatta and her husband; the purchase of a mechanical cereal milling machine for the women group in Sutukoba at a cost of D20, 000.00 in January 2019.

Alagie Kali Jatta, a beneficiary, thanked Mr. Jatta and his wife for providing the noble gesture, adding that the benefactor is someone who helps people when they are in need.

“He (Jatta) helps us without any a doubt and he did it to improve our living conditions.”

He added that Gambia needs this kind of gesture, while calling on the government, private sectors and others to emulate the good effort.

Tida Sannoho and many beneficiaries expressed similar sentiment. She said that the gesture is a sign of love and care the donors have for them.


  1. Hello, My name is Yasmina Barka-Jatta and I would like your newspaper to issue a corrigendum. The solar milling machine has been donated thanks generous contributions of friends from Italy, Belgium, USA and UK.


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