Ignore divisive ‘hustler’ narrative and support BBI, Wavinya now tells Kenyans

AfricaPress-Kenya: Transport Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Wavinya Ndeti has told Kenyans to ignore the proponents of “Hustler movement” and instead support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Addressing residents of Sabaki in Mavoko constituency after inspecting several road infrastructure projects in the area on Monday, Wavinya dismissed the Hustler movement as deceitful political bait aimed at misleading millions of Kenyans.

She claimed the proponents of “Hustler movement” were bent on balkanizing Kenyans along social status to gain the support of the vulnerable members of the society by psychological captivity.

“It is deceitful when few wealthy politicians use poverty connotations to hoodwink Kenyans and attract political support. Kenyans must open their eyes wider and say no to such trickery,” said Wavinya.

The CAS urged Kenyans to support BBI, saying it was the only sure bet to end election chaos every five years.

She said once adopted BBI will reconfigure Kenya’s political system by doing away with the winner-take-all system which left half of the country feeling left out every election cycle.

The former Kathiani MP said there is no legacy for President Uhuru Kenyatta which is bigger than a united country when he leaves office in 2022, adding that one of the aims of BBI is to realise inclusivity.

“President Uhuru has set the stage for social and political reforms through BBI where Kenyans will witness inclusivity in government as well as increased resources to the counties. We have to support the process without wavering,” she said.

The ministry has been undertaking a road project that involves constructing and repairing estate roads.

Some of the roads rehabilitated include Upper Sabaki’s ring road, Kinderville school Road, Anthena School Road, Total Petrol Station via Delta Estate service Road,  Waterpoint court Road, Cabro section to Heritage/Mt. Olive and Hill Top court Road to St. Mary’s Church.


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