Bokamoso 947 appoints new Programs Manager

Bokamoso 947 appoints new Programs Manager
Bokamoso 947 appoints new Programs Manager

Africa-PressLesotho. anageBokamoso 947 Station Manager Smangaliso Dlamini has appointed Tlhokaboyo Tlhokz Mohasi as the new station’s Programs Mr and this comes after an extensive training of how

commercial radio programming works. Radio has been playing a vital role in the field of communication since its origin, women have been dominated for years from other continents, however Lesotho prides itself with

more women in media than men particularly female reporters. Mohasi has been in the media industry for 11 years, which suffice that she is now referred to as a

woman who holds a top position in the most professional radio station in the country. She shared her journey in media in an exclusive interview with Informative Newspaper.

It excites me that I finally get to embark on the next level which I believe will nourish and evoke more passion in me. I arrived at Bokamoso 947 in 2021 presenting a sports show and also helping in other shows

when presenters were absent, that showed my dedication and passion to my boss which worked for me when I proposed to him that I wanted to do more than just

presenting,” she noted. Mohasi said she told her boss that she would love to take her current position to the next level and leave a mark in the media industry other than just being famous.

“He was moved by what I presented to him, and started grooming me in February until September

when he appointed me to the new position, which I am really grateful for,” Mohasi informed. Regarding what the listeners should expect from her, she said “Dlamini has already channeled the

systematic operation of the station in the right or preferable way I would if he had not done so, so all I intend to do is ensure that we all walk in his

footsteps and direction, Bokamoso 947 as the commercial radio station intends to standout from other radios in the country, we try by all means not to

broadcast politically biased news, avoid giving slots for church services like most radios do, it seems like a norm for every station to have such shows,

which is actually not in my book,” she stated. She explained that her passion for radio began back in high-school where she would join debates and other school activities that demanded public speaking, she stated that she has

always been forward and participated in radio shows where she would be invited as a guest speaker and pointed that her role model was the late Treaty Makoae

from Radio Lesotho. “Initially the passion went along with being famous but as I grew older, I felt that what is more important is to leave a mark in the

industry, set a trend, be that somebody people would refer to as a person who changed their lives in a positive way,” said Mohasi. Mohasi acquired Diploma in

Information and Communications from City College in South Africa (SA) and a Certificate in Information Technology (IT) at Quadrent. She said her first gig

was in 2010 at Thakhube FM, then she moved to PC FM in 2011 to 2014. She took a break in 2018 to 2019 while she went to study marketing in SA, she had a chance

to work at Alex FM during her studies, came back home in December 2019 to 2020 where she worked for online radio ‘Sky Alpha’ until she landed to Bokamoso 947 FM in 2021 doing a sports show.


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