Dunamis remains “undefeated”

Dunamis remains “undefeated”
Dunamis remains “undefeated”

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Despite multiple challenges in the struggling local music industry, Dunamis has managed to hold his own to this day, an interrupted decade – and says he

has won his marathon. The local music veteran whose real names are Retšelisitsoe Molefe, released his 4th album and “probably the last” of his rich music journey.

The album is titled “undefeated” and the name as it stands, was inspired by the aforementioned fact – striving against all odds and winning. It dropped last week wherein a

listening session was hosted on Saturday where according to him, 100 copies were sold. A feat which he has since spoken highly about on his social media

platforms. This album came as a surprise to Duna’s fans as he didn’t release any lead singles from it, the normal way musicians launch upcoming projects.

However, this now makes sense as he decided to drop it on his birthday – a surprise. His previous albums in no particular order are, Mastered seed, G.

O. D and The Glory respectively. Speaking in an exclusive interview with InformativeArts&Lifestyle, self-proclaimed “King Duna” stated that he gave it his all in this new album as it is probably

his last as a recording artist. He described it as a largely mature project with great versatility in genre and age group accommodation. On it he has worked with the likes of Tuks beats, Sigh and Axomind.

He hopes that this album will achieve great success in terms of sales compared to the previous three as his graph has been constantly rising with each of them.

Despite challenges he says he has enjoyed himself throughout and his music has been received with positivity from blast majority of his supporters. He feels that

the local music is receiving less than it deserves and it is about time it gets appreciated and pay dividends for musicians. He has a word of advice for

upcoming artistes; “do the job that you like so you don’t have to work for the rest of your life” going forward he says he plans to assist fellow artistes grow as he runs a recording company – K. O. L Music productions.

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