Hands of Life inspire cycling for change

Hands of Life inspire cycling for change
Hands of Life inspire cycling for change

Africa-PressLesotho. Hands of Life Organization held the Mafeteng 1st 55 Kilometers (Km) youth ride event in celebration of Lesotho’s Independence over the weekend. The purpose of the race was to engage

the community in lessons on the background of Lesotho independence. “The race was led by the 10 Mafeteng District Athletics Association (MDAA) athletes who were running 5.5 marathon race.

The event was a success, Hands of Life worked in collaboration with the Lesotho Mounted Police Service (LMPS) Mafeteng and (MDAA) thereby agreed to work

together on training activities and in the peace building operations unit,” this was revealed by Hands of Life Organization Executive Director Tšepo Nkhabu.

He said they partnered with LMPS to help bring back unity and honour and to stand against the latest reports of brutal cases within the police and the entire national security.

Nkhabu stated that the race started from Thabaneng where the circuit round traveled via Ha-Ramohapi passing through Kolo to Ha-patsa and ended in Matholeng.

“Ramohanoe Ramohanoe from Maseru won the 55 KM race and was granted a bicycle as a present,” Nkhabu noted. He said Basotho had supported the

race in all forms including through contributions from various local radios and churches despite bad weather conditions the day before the race. He expressed

appreciation over provision of ambulances by private companies, which were on standby to attend to emergencies during the race. “We had no sponsors except for the support

we got from the Lesotho charity Organization – Having Purpose, the organization owned by the former Lesotho Peace Corps volunteer Professor Christine Francis

from America. From now onwards this event is going to be celebrated annually, we are planning to make it to the public starting from March next year so that

people will be familiar with the event, and make preparations ahead,” he noted. Hands of Life Cycling Organization was established by Tšepo Nkhabu having been passionate about cycling and sports.

He realized the potential for cycling in Lesotho, as a tool for improving self-discipline and empowering youth who may otherwise turn to crime, dangerous behavior and its capacity to fosters a healthy lifestyle.


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