i-On-Africa: The Pakistan, Morocco and Lesotho Report

i-On-Africa: The Pakistan, Morocco and Lesotho Report
i-On-Africa: The Pakistan, Morocco and Lesotho Report

Africa-PressLesotho. Join ID4Africa on Wednesday, October 13, 12:30 GMT for a rare LiveCast exclusive spotlighting identity developments happening in Pakistan, Morocco and Lesotho.

Don’t miss a thought-provoking, info-rich, to-the-point segment where identity veteran Dr.

Joseph Atick engages with expert guest Tariq Malik, Chairman & CEO of NADRA, Pakistan to discuss the nation’s plans for its next-generation identity system.

The i-On-Africa segment which follows will feature a first-ever report from Morocco on their unique experience in implementing the MOSIP platform for the development of their national population register.

This segment will also highlight actionable insights from Lesotho as they share key principles of inclusive service delivery from their identity projects already underway.

Expect prime lessons, inspiration, scalable thinking and valuable insights from start to finish.

Sign up early to secure an opportunity to engage with each of our guests and other attendees through active chat, Q&A and community voices in this not-to-be-missed episode.


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