The Ha Thamae community gets food

The Ha Thamae community gets food
The Ha Thamae community gets food

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Stadium Area constituency candidate Mokherane Tsatsanyane said he had decided as a candidate for his ward office to go into government departments to respond to public outcry and help people living with disabilities, the needy and the helpless.

‘ along with the elderly and the infirm.

He was speaking in Ha-Thamae, on Sunday, in response to a public outcry and the distribution of food parcels to residents of the Lower-Thamae, Upper Thamae and Mohalalitoe communities.

Tsatsanyane explained that the community in the area makes 21,000, but said that since the food was not enough, he had seen the benefits of starting with that portion of the people around him and the ward.

they distribute food parcels. “The Government of Lesotho has provided me with 60 food parcels to assist in this area during the Covid-19 epidemic if I have not provided a total of 400 parcels.

I will work hard to make this project a reality by working with young people who are dealing with related issues in the region. I made this decision after receiving many complaints that it seems that the government is still providing aid and it ends up in some families while others are not getting anything, ”he said.

Tsatsanyane pointed out that his job as a candidate was to go to parliament to oversee and distribute public funds. He says he got a job at the fingertips of the local community so he has to give up and think hard about how to serve it because he has received a cry that there is another section of the community that is dying in houses due to hunger.

He also raised the issue of the presence of young people working in the district that they are not responsible to him but their job is to clean up the mess, and to help all those in need who are under the care of the finance ministry in order to help young people known by the name of the shrines.

He said the youngsters would take six months to work. Tsatsanyane said that as he was the eyes, mouth, ears and hands of the people, he planned to go down to the grassroots level to ensure that the work was done efficiently in the area with the help of the community.

He asked that the names of the old men and women in the party be listed so that he could seek their help. Ms Lipolelo Chabeli, a member of the public, asked the Candidate to explain to them who the party was directly responsible for the election between the candidate and the councilor as it was one of the most controversial issues.

Tsatsanyane replied that they were accountable to the nominee as he was the one who was requesting money for such a function in parliament, directed to the Ministry of Forestry which will not hire people who inform the candidate who has the right to inform the King and Nominee of local government.

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