The performance of the re-election council is reported to the traders

The performance of the re-election council is reported to the traders
The performance of the re-election council is reported to the traders

Africa-Press – Lesotho. Chairperson of the National Re-electoral Committee (NRA) and a tourist trader, Ms Mammako Lerata, briefed the traders on the functioning of the re-election council in the department, which has since been completed.

mission from them. Lerata explained that within the new electoral council, the new members were sworn in as members of the political, civil society and government.

He said in their work they had produced a public opinion poll called the Multi Stake-holder National Dialogue Plenary II Report which was blessed in 2019, with the expectation that the NRA would implement the issues within it.

He said there was nothing to guide them in the process other than the NRA Act No.4 2019 where they set up court administration matters from their congregations and whether the hiring of senior officers would be helpful.

in the public service how will it go because the court order had stipulated that such employees would be hired by it when it came into operation. “Since then, the members of the judiciary have not only been involved in the development of the judiciary.

The time for public comment began after the council members took office in November 2020, except that the Covid-19 epidemic hit us as a country, ”he said.

Lerata pointed out that public opinion was divided into seven committees, namely constitutional reform, parliament, the courts, public service, economics and financial management, media and national security.

He pointed out that they were successful in working out and produced a document that wrapped up 90 constitutional amendments (Omnibus bill) in total from seven committees to be included in the constitution.

Among the issues discussed was the court’s findings. paramente. He said they realized that the key people are government agencies and businesses and asked for the help of the people involved who are the auditors of such businesses according to their performance.

He said a solution was not forthcoming for such reports to happen and the court was coming to an end before they falsified them, not knowing what the problem was that they were not working according to what they were based on.

“We have improved the country’s major debt by ensuring that when the country borrows money it will implement development plans and support the national budget, there will be a budget, the debt will be assessed according to the following steps.

correct with the approval of parliament where the finance minister will sign such a national debt, ”he said. Lerata has further demonstrated the need for the devolution of power in the community, and they have suggested that the government allocate funds to local government candidates and not be given less than 20% of the national budget.

where it is divided into two departments where it will be jointly allocated to all local government courts by 17% to carry out development activities and by 3% to local government councils that are struggling in the local areas so that these councils so that he may be relieved and finally be the same.

He said the chief financial officer’s office was not secure in the constitution as it had no constitutional guardian and with great success they had made such an office stronger by moving it together.

He indicated that the officer would have to hand over all financial security services from the local authority upwards, under the supervision of which all internal government assets would be registered again. and foreign.

“The country’s largest bank is still operating well established by an Act of Parliament in 1978 but the recommendation is that it should be as constitutional and secure as other international banks on the African continent.

This will make it safer against anything that could shake its foundations and make its system work legally, ”said Lerata. He emphasized that the decision was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the development of the agricultural sector, but also to the extent possible.

On the other hand, one of the traders from the Lesotho Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Mr Ntsie Maphathe did not throw his stick out showing the time given to the NRA compared to the issues it was supposed to have. the weapon is inadequate as the process seems to be lengthy and he appeals to those in power to see what they can do to do justice to the Basotho.

“In issues like this we will not stop crying as traders because the problem is the issue of policy creation is not there because when it comes to legalizing, it has to start at the beginning, there must be plans so that it can be passed on.

within the constitution. This organization and its other businesses in terms of its functioning can be incorporated into the policy principles that affect it such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry to know what role it plays, ”said Maphathe wa li fera.

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