UN assists Lesotho on drought mitigation

UN assists Lesotho on drought mitigation
UN assists Lesotho on drought mitigation

Africa-PressLesotho. The United Nations (UN) in collaboration with the government of Lesotho through the Disaster Management Authority (DMA) are currently working together to mitigate

the impacts of drought across the country. The two stakeholders have today embarked on a two day field trip to Mohale’s Hoek and Quthing to review the

effectiveness of the efforts being undertaken by the UN in delivering lifesaving interventions, by protecting livelihoods of vulnerable communities in the two respective districts.

Lesotho has experienced drought in the 2018 /19 agricultural season impacting the current food security situation. In response to the situation, DMA and partners conducted a rapid assessment in

March this year. DMA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Haretsebe Mahosi said the situation has affected mostly people in the rural areas. He said they are concerned that the situation is expected to worsen from

July to June next year. He mentioned that the government of Lesotho is working hard to address the needs of all the affected Basotho and mitigates the impacts

across the country. According to the Lesotho Vulnerability Committee (LVAC 2019), the situation has left about 487 000 people in demand of food which is likely to rise in June.

The UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Salvator Niyonzima confirmed the UN has received M5.5 million funding to help resolve the situation which has hit hard Lesotho but mostly Maseru, Mafeteng,

Mohale’s Hoek, Quthing and Qachas’nek. Niyonzima revealed they wanted to help communities to be self-resilient and be able to produce food that will sustain them for a longer period.

“Food aid must be the last option to offer the hungry and we encourage farmers to produce food that will sustain them for a longer period,” he urged. He further pressed farmers to work

collectively to produce winter cropping and also engage into conservation farming as it improves soil structure and protects soil against erosion and nutrients losses by maintaining a permanent cover.


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