Boakai massively failed corruption fight

Boakai massively failed corruption fight
Boakai massively failed corruption fight

Africa-Press – Liberia. The campus-based student party has alleged that President Boakai’s regime has only shown commitment in lip service, not in practice.

The University of Liberia Campus-based Student Unification Party (SUP) says President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has massively failed in pursuing good governance and fighting corruption.

The student-based party graded by the President 0.5% in performance in his first hundred days in office.

SUP Secretary General Mohammed S. Jallo told this paper in an interview on Thursday, 30 May 2024, that President Boakai promised good governance to the Liberians.

He stated that the president promised to change the perception of national leadership, which many saw as a place for self-benefit and personal enrichment, to a place of honest service and accountability.

Additionally, the party noted that President Boakai assured Liberians that he would dismiss any official caught in the act of corruption.

The party continued that President Boakai promised to run a comprehensive audit of the outgoing government and would fight against the abuse of power.

SUP stated that President Boakai considered these critical steps necessary to ensure that his government serves the best interest of the Liberian people.

However, Mr. Jallo lamented that President Boakai’s regime has only shown commitment in lip service, not in practice.

In recent times, he said the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs has been facing allegations of abuse of power by some members of the Legislature.

Contrary to President Boakai’s promises, Jallo explained that he had deliberately refused to act decisively against the allegations because it involved his friend from school days, a typical act of cronyism.

“SUP wants to inform the Liberian people that Oldman Boakai has massively failed in the pursuits of good governance and the fight against corruption in the period under review,” the party alleged.

“With audacious demand of fearless gallantry, the Student Unification Party is calling on the Boakai-Koung government to live up to its promises on the fight against corruption by not only auditing the Weah’s government but including the Unity Party 12 years of misrule under Madam Sirleaf,” Jallo noted.

Jallo suggested that it is becoming more glaring that a new bunch of criminals have taken siege of the Liberian leadership structures.

“Like the CDC of Mr. Weah, Oldman Boakai is basking in micro-nationalism by not prioritizing quality in public service thereby using patronage and partisanship as the basis of employment.”

Mr. Jallo lamented that it is shamelessly pathetic that after a period of criticizing Weah for incompetence, the Unity Party government will be delegating national duties to high school delinquents, misfits, and apprentices who are doomed to fail.

Jallo described President Boakai’s regime as a conglomerate of bloodthirsty economic thugs who are desperately in search of its loot with the conceived perception that it is their time to preside.

He disclosed that President Boakai’s Asset and Property Retrieval Task Force has become a residual of unused simpletons basking in a power struggle, incompetence, greed, and insincerity.

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