Dzuka Malawi: K27m salary, 2500 litres of fuel and Dr. Laz

Dzuka Malawi: K27m salary, 2500 litres of fuel and Dr. Laz
Dzuka Malawi: K27m salary, 2500 litres of fuel and Dr. Laz

Africa-PressMalawi. In Malawi last Friday, 18th December, someone might have pocketed K27 million as his monthly salary for being a Governor of the Reserve Bank. I hear the new Governor has cut it to K12 million whilst his Directors who receive this fifth poorest economy on the planet get K20 million and they are refusing to go down.

I do not know whether this is propaganda or not. But I am not shocked entirely, that Malawi public funds finances opulence and stinking grandiose. That the Governor after syphoning K27 million a month which is higher that Chairman of the largest economy USA or European country Ireland, they get two official cars- which they will buy for a song, they get free house, school fees, cooks, security, gym and golf membership.

If you add at least 10 directors at the same level across such institutions, the taxpayer haemorrhages billions of kwachas on a cartel which drafts own contracts and gives themselves hefty packages.

Then move to parastatals of ailing state companies- they are all entitled to a Toyota VX and will without shame buy a new one as “entitlement” even when the corporation is failing to provide services.

If you think I am joking, look at ESCOM buying 50 new cars amid blackouts and hiring personal cars to the corporation continuously some for five years. Look at EGENCO constructing K250 million managers house with all bedrooms ensuite when their services are simply satanic.

Go to Malawi Housing, Southern Region Water Board, Blantyre Water Board, TEVETA and even National Loans Board- students begging to finance their education whilst CEO finds it prudent to get a VX for K100 million.

Before we roast parastatal, maniacs let us look at the Office of the President and Cabinet. Secretary to the President and Cabinet gets a whooping 2500 litres a month. Him and his colleagues called Principal Secretaries get new cars which they will buy after five years. Yes you guessed right all those at warehouse will go away with almost brand new cars for a song.

If Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Dr. Saulosi Chilima’s are serious about transparency, he should publish all salaries and benefits of everyone who receives from public finances or government affiliated agencies. The public should understand the unequal society these goons have created.

A driver or clerk in an institution gets K100,000 per month. The PS gets a free car and heft allowances. Many abuse pool cars for errands which is double billing the taxpayer. Juniors are powerless to stop such abuse. If President John Magufuli did it, Dr Laz and Dr Chilima and the Tonse Administration can.

I mean, look here, offer the best market rates for an economy like Malawi, wosafuna achoke. Stop the ridiculous car scheme which means Government buying new cars for people already heavily renumerated. Stop fuel allocations, fuel should be used and requested and maximum to one full tank a week if operating at base and only draw more when travelling outside base.

It is possible to change everything in the next new year only if the President and his deputy are willing to side with Malawians. Look here Thomas Sankara, for four years between 1983 and 1987 as a ruler of Burkina Faso did built 350 schools, rail, and roads without foreign aid.

He increased literacy, banned forced marriages, vaccinated 2.5 million kids, and planted over 10 million trees.

How did he do it- cut off stupid salaries like K27 million or K12 million from public taxes, sold all expensive cars and made Renault (the cheapest car then) in Malawi let them use the lower versions of Toyotas.

Dr. Chakwera won’t be remembered of his beautiful speeches, but how much he did to change Malawi. So far things are going south, everyday you hear a Government department refuting something or explaining something, it shows things are going haywire.

I know the President believes in consultations like the need for all church elders to meet to discuss whether I had sex with a woman outside my matrimonial home. Presidency is quite different, the bucks stops with the President, it will be his name, nobody’s else. Nobody remembers Kamuzu. Bakili, Bingu, JB or Peter Mutharika’s Ministers. We remember the President.

Dzukani Excellency, publish all obsence salaries and benefits, cut them publicly, put an end to the stupid TX vehicle scheme, fire or suspended everyone under investigations and reduce number of Ministers to 20. We all agree to many excesses, but the first should be CEOs and PS’s who are sharing billions in the name of entitlement. While at it, tell Members of Parliament to take 10% for this year while we are sorting out the economy. For the economy to pick up, start with cutting perks of all senior officials by 50% and government fleet by 60%, you be amazed how much we will save.


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