Government committed to offering meaningful education – Chang’anamuno

Government committed to offering meaningful education – Chang’anamuno
Government committed to offering meaningful education – Chang’anamuno

Africa-Press – Malawi. The Deputy Minister of Education, Monica Chang’anamuno, has said government is committed to offering meaningful education aimed at transforming the nation. Chang’anamuno was speaking when she presided over the graduation ceremony of 1,235 students at Catholic University of Malawi (CUM).

“We are making sure that our students become competitive on the international level. So the education that we are offering, whether public or private, has to be of good standards. It’s suicidal to the country if we offer substandard education. That’s why we need quality education so that our graduates can compete on the international level,” said Chang’anamuno.

Archbishop George Tambala of Lilongwe Archdiocese, who was principle servant of the mass on the graduation day, emphasised on the need for Malawi graduates to reflect if they are doing enough in the development of this country.

“During the homily today we had a reflection. To graduate is one thing. But are the skills gained translated into action? An education institution like this one needs to reflect on this. Those of us who are out there in world also need to ask serious questions regarding the development of our country,” remarked Archbishop Tambala.

The Catholic University of Malawi situated in Chiladzulo district offers degree and diploma courses in accounting, marketing, law, education, nursing, human resource management and environmental studies, just to mention a few.

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