IG warns police officers against involvement in politics

IG warns police officers against involvement in politics
IG warns police officers against involvement in politics

Africa-Press – Malawi. Inspector General of Malawi Police, Merlyn Yolam has issued a stern warning to officers to refrain from harboring criminals and illegal immigrants saying the behaviour does not only dent the image of the police but also compromises security. The warning has also been extended to superiors within the service to stop taking advantage of their subordinates by sexually exploiting them.

Speaking on Friday in Kasungu during an interaction with police officers from the district and Central East Police headquarters, Yolam said the service will not hesitate to take tough disciplinary measures against such officers including those that drink in uniform and during working hours.

The police chief also warned the officers against indulging in politics saying everyone must accept that the regime changed and the police must work with the government of the day.

“There are some of you who go on social media writing obscenities about your seniors, government or the president. We have a very capable section that deal with cyber-crimes. We will track and have you arrested and prosecuted.

“We must not be excited by using the social media in an irresponsible manner churning out fake and degrading stories about leaders. We must refrain from politics and maintain our lane as police officers. We will not allow that,” she said.

Yolam said she is aware of the many challenges police is facing such as unbalanced police-population ratio and lack of transport to discharge duties. She said government is in the process of procuring vehicles and will strategically deploy officers priotising areas with high police-population ratio.

Commissioner for Central East Police headquarters, Rhoda Manjolo, lamented inadequate funding saying more resources are needed to properly serve the region.

Manjolo also revealed that the crime rate in the region has slightly gone down from 3,000 cases recorded between Jan and August last year to around 2,900 in a similar period this year representing a three percent decrease while road accidents have increased by three percent.

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