#MaGear Makhadzi takes over TikTok

#MaGear Makhadzi takes over TikTok
#MaGear Makhadzi takes over TikTok

Africa-Press – Malawi. Makhadzi is swiping over TikTok and other social media platforms with her yet to be released song, Tshintsha Magiya. A snippet of the song has scoped millions of TikTok views from over 12 thousand uploads. The song has also been trending on Twitter and Facebook with hashtags #MAGIYA #MAGEAR generating views at the speed of light.

The South African musician has not the date she will drop the song. With the response that Ma Gear is generating, we can only infer that we are already in the twilight of a countdown. For some of the TikTok videos of Ma Gear visit Makhadzi Magear Videos.

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