Malawi Attorney General accuses Amaryllis of racism

Malawi Attorney General accuses Amaryllis of racism
Malawi Attorney General accuses Amaryllis of racism

Africa-Press – Malawi. Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda has accused Amaryllis Hotel of racism, saying he was kicked out of the hotel to accommodate guests from North Africa.

Chakaka Nyirenda made the allegations on Wednesday last week in a Facebook post in which he described the experience as lousy with the “character of racism”.

“Being ordered to check out of the hotel by Amaryllis Hotel management to accommodate some guests from some North African country. I just had to move to my lovely Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel whose management happily welcomed me,” wrote Nyirenda.

The allegations which came as Malawi was celebrating the Tourism Month, have angered Malawians who condemned the hotel in comments on Chakaka’s post. “This post coming from an eminent personality is way too worrying….more so when it has been given a race card to it ..

And if the scenario has really a racial veil to it then it’s grossly worrying and irritatingly infuriating… “If it’s really true about what our AG is complaining, then we have a pain in a wrong place situation.. Racism is degrading,reduces the dignity of a man to almost nothing… Let’s hear what the owners of the hotel have to say on this incident,” said one commenter.

Another commenter said as a person in a position of influence, Nyirenda should take action against Amaryllis. “What proactive steps do you plan to take to address the issue of racism against indigenous nationals within your country?

“How can you ensure that measures are in place to protect and support them, similar to approaches taken in other countries to combat such discrimination? Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda,” the person said.

Meanwhile, Nyirenda has since made another post saying a major shareholder as well as the General Manager of Amaryllis Hotel reached out to him through a phone call.

“I am happy to report that the issue has now been amicably resolved. It’s now water under the bridge,” he wrote on Thursday.

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