Mlaka bashes Bushiri

Mlaka bashes Bushiri
Mlaka bashes Bushiri

Africa-Press – Malawi. Former Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church pastor Macdonald Mlaka Maliro is said to bash Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in a new song entitled There’s No Wine (Vinyo Watha).

Mlaka announced earlier this week that he has dumped Prophet Bushiri. The musician cum pastor was heading Bushiri’s ECG church in Eswatini, formally Swaziland.

However, Mlaka is said to sing a different song about Prophet Shepherd Bushiri in the latest release, There is No Wine (Vinyo Watha), with the last verse turning heads.

Kulalika zikutheka, kunenera molapisa komatu vinyo watha Mzimu Oyela akamachoka, Amachoka mwaulemu poti satsadzika Akusatila zozizwa poti uko n’kulikulu osaziwa vinyo watha

Anthu anga akuonongeka chifukwa chotsadziwa, Malembo akutero Several people took to social media to share their interpretation of the last verse, pinning Prophet Bushiri at the epicentre.

“So, Mlaka only stayed in ECG because there was wine? And now that the wine is finished, he has to leave?… You don’t need people like Mlaka in your lives” tweeted @sunshyn___

Kusowa umuthu ase,, anthu ngati amene aja ndiomwe amakutengelaso pasi. — General plug🇿🇦 (@Skinny_ray) March 13, 2022 There are some who have praised Mlaka’s come back and particularly for the song.

“Ooooh how we missed you man…. welcome back with the music we love”, Cynthia Chaphuka commented on a post shared by a tabloid Mikozi. Still, others continued to attack Mlaka for being ungrateful to Prophet Bushiri.

“To me this song is a sign of laziness, lack of creativity and innovation and too much dependence on handouts. If Mlaka knew kuti Vinyo watha kumene analiliko why could he create other opportunities himself? He is Lazy depending on someone to fill the Vinyo for him, and the best he could have done was just to walk out quietly rather than this song as I’m sure with the Vinyo master, they had some good time previously and this Mlaka cannot erase that and probably they will have some good time in Future. Kwaine Apa wapala Mlaka, this song is produced out of anger”, commented Clement Khalika Banda on social media.=

Mlaka insists that he has only dumped ECG and that he will continue with his calling as a pastor. “After all has been said and done, Mlaka is a pastor and will remain a pastor serving one true God of Heaven,I’ve just stepped down from one organization ‘CHURCH’” wrote Mlaka on his Facebook page. Another Musician, Kalawe, hit back at Mlaka.

“The song may be good but the timing is not. A day after exiting our church he releases a song that attacks the body of Christ (the church). I have all the reasons to believe that he is not attacking us but still I am of the view that he had a duty to avoid creating a speculation that he is. Munthu sumati kuchoka lero mawa lake bwebwetukeni“, he wrote.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is currently in Malawi where he is fighting extradition to South Africa to face money laundering, fraud, corruption and rape rated charges.

His alleged partner in crime is his wife, Mary Bushiri. The couple which jumped bail in South Africa to escape to Malawi denies all the charges. I quit! Mlaka dumps Bushiri

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