People in Mzimba South accuse MP of abandoning new constituency

People in Mzimba South accuse MP of abandoning new constituency
People in Mzimba South accuse MP of abandoning new constituency

Africa-Press – Malawi. People in Mzimba have accused Member of Parliament for Mzimba South Constituency Emmanuel Chambulanyina Jere of abandoning the newly demarcated Perekezi Constituency and only focusing on the area where he plans to contest in the 2025 elections.

The constiuents have written the M’mbelwa District Council to force Member of Parliament for Mzimba South constituency to distribute the funds equally to the demarcated constituency.

A letter addressed to M’mbelwa District Council with a copy to Malawi Electoral Commission signed by Solomon Nhlane from Sub TA Chiputula Nhlane says the people in newly demarcated constituency Perekezi constituency are being denied access to Constituency Development Funds (CDF).

They feel like the Parliamentarian is denying them for political reason as the MP will contest in the old Mzimba South constituency. The letter says that since the demarcation, Perekezi constituency has only received funds on the building of a school block at Hoho and a Bridge at Chipata River only.

According to the letter, 17 schools under the newly demarcated constituency have suffered the most and some of the schools denied acess to CDF funds are those demarcated to Mzimba Solora from Mzimba South.

“He has now prioritized to use all the K100,000,000.00 Constituency Development Fund in the area which he will be contesting. Such being the case, we the people of Sub T/A Chiputula Nlhane, feel abandoned and neglected to access the CDF.

“We are here to express that the CDF is not campaign funds. We the people of Sub T/A Chiputula Nhlane through your office, would like to request that the remaining CDF should be shared into an equal percentage,” reads part of the letter.

The constituents add that the same thing is also happening with the other part that was demarcated from Mzimba South, whereby 6 schools have been moved to Mzimba Solola Constituency, namely; Etchiyeni School, Mbawa School, Kwamwabombo School, Thoza School, Kalungulu School and Kachenyo School.

The residents say only two developmental works have been done, namely; a small bridge at Chitala in GVH Chizawinja and culverts at Kavyeyo river GVH Mlefu. The concerned citizens have since demanded an equal share of the remaining CDF.

“Since all ADCs have been disolved, we would like the District Commissioner to be in Control of the Funds before they are distributed, so that we should also benefit of the same. Failure og which we will keep on being denied or neglected or abandoned to access the CDF,” reads part of the statement.

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