Security Guard hangs himself in Ndirande

Security Guard hangs himself in Ndirande
Security Guard hangs himself in Ndirande

Africa-Press – Malawi. A 36-year -old security guard identified as Joshua Kadango has committed suicide in the morning hours of today at Chinseu location in Ndirande township.

According to Sub Inspector Widson Nhlane, Public Relations Officer for Ndirande Police Station, the deceased’s father Mr Davis Kadango told police that Joshua Kadango was staying in the same house with his parents while working as a security guard for Target Security Services.

He had been absenting himself from work due to his continued excessive beer drinking. His parents and some relatives kept on advising him to minimize or change this behavior and start reporting for his security work.

This did not go down well with him and on October 25, Joshua Kadango hanged himself to the roof of his bedroom using a rope. Upon receipt of the incident report, Criminal Investigation Department Officers together with Medical practitioner visited the scene and death was confirmed to be due to suffocation.

Meanwhile, Police are reminding the citizenry not to terminate life when they have misunderstandings but rather seek guidance from community leaders or report to Victim Support Unit for counselling and any support.

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