Three deported to Malawi from Israel after escaping farms

Three deported to Malawi from Israel after escaping farms
Three deported to Malawi from Israel after escaping farms

Africa-Press – Malawi. Three Malawian youths who went to Israel to work in farms have been deported to Malawi after they ran away from their farms to seek employment elsewhere.

This is according to Lions Recruitment Agency director Chifundo Banda who confirmed the development but did not disclose the names of deported youths citing security and reputation.

He said the development is unfortunate and the repercussions of deportation can impact future employment opportunities not only in Israel bust also anywhere in the world.

“This regrettable deportation also has adverse effects on ongoing projects and is detrimental to the aspirations of future Malawians candidates seeking to participate in similar programs,” said Banda in a statement.

He stressed that working illegally also pauses risks such as abnormal working hours, challenging working conditions, limited access to healthcare and being subjected to intensive and unlawful instructions.

“It is cruicial to understand that fleeing from your assigned farm will result in a farmer reporting you to Israel immigration authority leading to inevitable consequences. I strongly advise against seeking the assistance of lawyers in Israel as they may not be able to provide adequate protection and may only take advantage of your situation for financial gain,” Banda Advised.

Malawi and Israel in 2023 signed an agreement to export labour to Israel estimated at 10,000 and so far about 1,000 people are currently in through deals facilitated by by different agents.

Recently Minister of finance Simplex Chithyola Banda said Malawi has started benefiting from the Malawi- Israel deals as Malawi has so far received 735, 000 united States dollars (about 1.2 billion kwacha).

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