Witchdoctor from Malawi ruling Zimbabwe

Witchdoctor from Malawi ruling Zimbabwe
Witchdoctor from Malawi ruling Zimbabwe

Africa-Press – Malawi. A Malawian witchdoctor has gained attention in Zimbabwe where he is claiming to have powers to make people rich and fly people to other countries in a spiritual plane.

The man identified as 22-year-old Julius Bwanali is said to be cashing in on residents in Mabvuku, a surbub in Harare which is the capital city of Zimbabwe.

Bwanali whose tools of trade include beads and bunches of tied sticks stashed in bottles, charges at least a dollar for his services. Zimbabwe’s H-Metro reported that victims of theft were the ones who dominated one of Bwanali’s displays in the surbub.

The witchdoctor claimed to be able to fly airplanes to neighbouring countries. “I have a number of traditional charms that can bring back lost lovers, help one to be promoted, acquire jobs and win court cases if you did not commit the alleged offences,” he told H-Metro.

He added that he has been in and out of Zimbabwe offering his services. However, some residents believe he is a scammer looking to steal from the residents.

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