Shakeel Mohamed proposed as opposition leader

Shakeel Mohamed proposed as opposition leader
Shakeel Mohamed proposed as opposition leader

Africa-Press – Mauritius. The president of the Labor Party spoke with the President of the Republic this Monday evening. Patrick Assirvaden claims to have proposed the name of Shakeel Mohamed as leader of the opposition in order to replace Xavier-Luc Duval, who, for his part, submitted his resignation a little earlier.

In front of the press, Patrick Assirvaden had to say: “We have found a consensus within the opposition, namely the MMM and the PTr, so that Shakeel Mohamed can replace Arvin Boolell who is unwell for a while. Correspondence was sent to the president asking him to kindly appoint Shakeel Mohamed as leader of the opposition. »

Patrick Assirvaden says that with the resumption of parliamentary work tomorrow, Tuesday April 16, it is important that members of the opposition can know what to do. We also need to review the ‘sitting arrangement’ in the hemicycle, he explained.

“We want an opposition leader to be appointed as soon as possible,” said Patrick Assirvaden.

The latter also added that he is called upon to assume the responsibility of opposition whip. Certainly, I accept this position, he said.

Patrick Assirvaden continues: “I take it with humility and modesty. It’s a big job to bring together all the opposition for better coordination.

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