The Labour Party-MMM-PMSD Alliance

The Labour Party-MMM-PMSD Alliance
The Labour Party-MMM-PMSD Alliance

Africa-Press – Mauritius. The Labour Party-MMM-PMSD alliance has been long in the making – almost three years since the time when rumours were afloat about a proposal to bring together these three parties in the wake of their debacle at the 2019 elections.

What gave some substance to that rumour was the proposal made as early as 2020 by the leader of the Labour Party, who had canvassed the idea of a common boycott of the Presidential Address and the parliamentary debates on the Government Programme by the opposition parties in Parliament.

A common stand could not be reached due to the divergent views of the MMM and the PMSD on that proposal. Nevertheless, the idea of a reunion of the three traditional Opposition parties did make some headway during further consultations with a common front floated during 2022 for the municipal elections that were later to be postponed again by government.

But a common agreement towards the general elections made slow progress, leaving the door open to a number of Opposition voices, parliamentary and extra-parliamentary, to air their own agendas and ambitions.

The issue of whether or not to induct those other newly-formed parties, especially Roshi Bhadain’s Reform Party and Nando Bodha’s Rassemblement Mauricien, came in the way of the formation of the Alliance, and it has now been formally set up once the leadership of that alliance by Navin Ramgoolam has been resolved to the LP leader’s satisfaction.

Ramgoolam took the time that it required – almost three years – to get the MMM and the PMSD, two diminished parties relative to their early years, to accept ground reality of the LP’s strength said some, to bend to his diktat said others.

This also means that his leadership of the alliance and his eventual prime ministership for a full five-year term in case of electoral victory, already recognised during 2022 by MMM figureheads as an internal LP matter, would have also been confirmed.

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