30 arrested in Balama on suspicions of being terrorists

30 arrested in Balama on suspicions of being terrorists
30 arrested in Balama on suspicions of being terrorists

Africa-Press – Mozambique. A group of about 30 individuals, all men, was arrested around 11:00 a.m. this Wednesday, after the traffic police stopped a truck coming from Montepuez, a source from the Balama District Government has told ‘Carta’.

In a search carried out in the context of combating terrorism in Cabo Delgado, the police found about 40 machetes, two tents, two motorcycles, knives and mattresses, but no ‘guia’ [travel pass] or any document from the company that owns the material.

The traffic police considering the driver’s claim that they were workers at a wood cutting and exploitation company dubious, the vehicle and its occupants were taken to the District Command for further investigation.

Police have not yet commented on the case, but a military contingent and investigators were sent urgently from Pemba to Balama, to reinforce investigations.

‘Carta’ has learned that most of the youths detained are from the provinces of Nampula and Niassa.

Images circulating on social media show a group of young people in Balama PRM district command with, by their side, the more than 40 machetes seized and the vehicle they were travelling in.

The vehicle belongs to a company called Mongo Ltd, which the III series of the Government Gazette, published in 2017, has registered in the names of two partners of Chinese nationality, Yunfeng Li and Shijiang Huang, and located at Rua EN106 in Pemba’s Muxara neighbourhood, listing among its activities the sourcing and processing of wood, as well as the provision of services of various types.

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