A Renamo crisis is underway as Mondlane challenges Momade

A Renamo crisis is underway as Mondlane challenges Momade
A Renamo crisis is underway as Mondlane challenges Momade

Africa-Press – Mozambique. In the wake of last October’s local elections, Mozambican politics is now shaken by an internal crisis in the largest opposition party, with Venâncio Mondlane the protagonist.

The Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo) deputy has publicly challenged the party leadership by submitting two injunctions to court questioning the leadership of President Ossufo Momade. Venâncio Mondlane claims that Momade is outside the statutory limits and demands the immediate convening of a Renamo Congress.

Sources interviewed by DW provide an analysis that ranges from Mondlane’s heroism to an inglorious future for him within Remamo.

“Power vacuum”

Lawyer and political analyst Ernesto Júnior understands that, despite his actions not being in line with internal party discipline, Mondlane is acting correctly according to legislation that regulates the activity of political parties.

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According to Júnior, “the five-year mandate having expired, and not having held a Congress for the election or re-election of new management members, we would say that, at this moment, Renamo has a power vacuum, because the bodies that were elected more than five years ago are out of office, which means they are exercising their positions illegally”.

On the other hand, university professor Hilário Chacate considers that Venâncio Mondlane’s attitude could represent the will of the majority. “It seems to me that this is in the interest of several segments of Renamo itself. [Venâncio] was the only one who had the courage to take this stance and confront Ossufo Momade – no one else was able to do so”.

Uncertain future

Despite the legitimacy that some analysts attribute to Venâncio Mondlane’s actions, an uncertain future for the politician is envisaged.

Hilário Chacate predicts drastic measures by the party. According to the university professor, “Renamo will not allow Venâncio to appear on the list for his candidacy as deputy in the Assembly of the Republic, or he will be placed in a position in which it is known that he will have many difficulties in being elected”.

Chacate goes further to state that, “Venâncio no longer has a future at Renamo, everything he could achieve has already been exhausted.”

Venâncio Mondlane was recently dismissed as parliamentary spokesman for the party, having also been removed as Renamo’s second-in-command in the Assembly of the Republic.

Political paths

Faced with this scenario, Ernesto Júnior understands that there are only two options left for Venâncio Mondlane, who considers himself a political player with enduring support in Mozambique: “Either join another political formation, or create his own party.”

“But this could also be the political burial of Venâncio Mondlane, since he is seen as ‘persona non grata’ within Renamo itself,” Júnior asserts.

When contacted by DW, Renamo spokesperson José Manteigas opted for strategic silence, refusing to comment on the crisis. Manteigas said, however, that the party would comment “in due course”.

Venâncio Mondlane began his political career as a member of the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), the third largest political force in Mozambique, but left due to internal differences with the leadership.

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