Beira airport in enhanced security drive

Beira airport in enhanced security drive
Beira airport in enhanced security drive

Africa-Press – Mozambique. Beira airport is banning the parking of vehicles less than 300 metres from the terminal as a way of reducing the risk of possible terrorist attacks, as recommended in global rules.

Airport director Domingos Rodrigues announced the measure, adding that the move is in compliance with international aviation security measures established through risk analysis by the Civil Aviation Authority in Mozambique.

“Beira Airport was recommended to take measures to prevent the parking of vehicles in the vicinity of the airport because of the terrorism situation experienced in the world,” he explained.

It is, he indicated, one of the activities framed in mitigation of potential attacks, because in addition to men and car bombs, terrorists have specific areas that they attack.

Work is also underway to improve cover for travellers.

The international certification process for Beira Airport has now been underway for four years.

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