Beware of infiltrators, urges Nyusi

Beware of infiltrators, urges Nyusi
Beware of infiltrators, urges Nyusi

Africa-Press – Mozambique. Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday urged residents of Metuge district, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, to be on the lookout for possible terrorists infiltrating the district.

Speaking at a ceremony where he inaugurated a new delegation of the National Social Security Institute (INSS), Nyusi warned against individuals pretending to be displaced by the conflict, but who were in fact spies, reporting back to terrorist units.

“Let us remain vigilant against the actions of terrorists and criminals and denounce to the competent authorities any attitude which is an attack against the order and tranquillity of our population”, he urged.

“We have already caught some of them”, he said. “I am drawing attention to this, because, if they are still here, we are following them. Those we have caught told us they still have colleagues here”.

With recent improvements in the security situation, some displaced people have been returning. to their homes, said Nyusi. Vigilance remained necessary, however.

“We have told the defence and security forces to step up security to protect the citizens living in those areas, but, since the terrorists are everywhere, we need the vigilance of all of us to protect those who are chasing the terrorists”, Nyusi stressed.

He praised the defence forces and their partners from Rwanda and from SADC (Southern African Development Community) because, thanks to their sacrifices, and the “heavy blows” they had inflicted on the enemy, they have ensured that public institutions can start functioning again in Cabo Delgado.

He also praised the population of Metuge for welcoming people from other parts of the province, who had been displaced from their homes by terrorist raids.

“In the initial days after their arrival, they couldn’t even light a fire and they had no cooking utensils”, he recalled. “But somebody received them and now they are here. We are very thankful for this solidarity of Mozambicans towards other Mozambicans”.

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