EUTM-Mozambique hosts Politico-Military Group Delegation

EUTM-Mozambique hosts Politico-Military Group Delegation
EUTM-Mozambique hosts Politico-Military Group Delegation

Africa-Press – Mozambique. The European Union Training Mission Mozambique (EUTM-MOZ) Mission Force Commander, Commodore Martins de Brito, hosted a delegation of the Politico-Military Group (PMG), to the Headquarters and the Independent Marine Company in Katembe, on November 29, 2022.

The visit allowed the EUTM-MOZ Command Group to brief the PMG Delegation on EUTM-MOZ’ mission and contribution to the capacity building of the Mozambican armed forces’ units, selected to compose future Quick Reaction Forces (QRF).

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the Independent Marine Company in Katembe and experience the camp’s atmosphere during the intensive training tempo.

The Politico-Military Group carries out preparatory work in the field of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) for the Political and Security Committee (PSC). It covers the political aspects of EU military and civil-military issues, including concepts, capabilities and operations and missions. It has a particular responsibility regarding partnerships with non-EU countries and other organisations, including EU-NATO relations, as well as exercises. The PMG is chaired by a representative of the EU’s High Representative.

EUTM-MOZ mission is to provide training and support to the Mozambican armed forces to protect the civilian population and restore security in the Cabo Delgado province. The mission has a non-executive mandate and will end two years after the mission has reached Full Operational Capability. EUTM Mozambique is one of the tools to address the crisis in Cabo Delgado, in conjunction with support for peacebuilding, conflict prevention and dialogue support, humanitarian assistance and development cooperation.

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