Maputo: ‘Fly in Melody – Of Jazz | Isac Moiane Project @ Galeria

Maputo: ‘Fly in Melody – Of Jazz | Isac Moiane Project @ Galeria
Maputo: ‘Fly in Melody – Of Jazz | Isac Moiane Project @ Galeria

Africa-Press – Mozambique. Mozambican bassist and composer Isac Moiane will present a concert, “Fly in Melody of Jazz”, at the Galeria in Maputo on Friday, starting at 6:00 p.m.. The show is a continuation of the celebration of ‘The Isac Project’, the artist’s first album of original compositions, released in March of this year.

The concert will present the numbers included in the debut album, in a night that will also feature singer Onésia Muholove. In terms of sound, Isac Moiane’s music results from a fusion between the gospel genre, contemporary jazz and African rhythms.

The press release about the event states that the young artist believes in the power of music to unite people and promote cohesion in a society. Through his music, Isac Moiane seeks to promote noble values such as fraternity, love, forgiveness, praise and solidarity among people.

Isac Moiane is a 26-year-old Mozambican bassist and composer. He lives and works in Maputo, and very early on revealed a great passion and love for music. His artistic initiation took place in instrumental groups at the Pandora Evangelical Assembly of God church. Isac started learning to play the bass guitar at the age of 12, and took classes with several nationally renowned music teachers.

In 2018, he began recording his first EP, entitled Bass In Worship, in which he brought to the market a new approach in terms of jazz music, with the emphasis on bass, playing original rhythms and compositions that dialogue between contemporary jazz, gospel and African rhythms.

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