Mozambique: Luísa Diogo challenges OTM to invest in production and productivity

Mozambique: Luísa Diogo challenges OTM to invest in production and productivity
Mozambique: Luísa Diogo challenges OTM to invest in production and productivity

Africa-PressMozambique. Former prime minister of Mozambique, Luísa Diogo, has challenged the OTM-Central Sindical to invest in production and productivity, qualifying Mozambican workers to compete globally, and not being an organization that only approaches employers to make demands.

The Mozambican Workers Organization (OTM), a pioneer of the trade union movement in the country, celebrates 45 years of existence this year and, to mark the date, organised a round table for reflection on the theme “The role of unions in a context of modern state and global capitalism”.

Invited to speak, the former prime minister highlighted the training of Mozambican workers, in order to respond to the ever-increasing demands of the global labour market.

“The OTM-Central Sindical of today is not the same as the production councils [conselhos de produção] of the 1970s and 80s, but it has the same DNA, which are production, productivity and discipline at work. The DNA of the best results for the company is the defence of workers’ interests within the context of the interests of companies and the Mozambican nation. Do not approach employers only to demand, because doing so only creates distance instead of partnership,” he advised.

Luísa Diogo also thinks that, despite difficulties, there are opportunities to be capitalised on, hence the challenge to the organization for greater action and articulation with other sectors intervening in the labour market.

The former prime minister urged private sector companies in the country to create jobs and promote development in society, placing quality products and services in order to compete in the market, and called on the OTM-Central Sindical to embrace its role in defence of labour rights.

“Our debates at the ILO and our debates on local content must be more comprehensive, so that our workers can make our companies eligible for more standardized production at internationally required levels and multinational companies working in Mozambique. We have to prepare, because OTM-Central Sindical must neither lose nor abandon its role of participating in the improvement of production, productivity and quality,” Diogo said.

The former prime minister and other personalities were honoured this Tuesday in recognition of their contribution to the construction of Mozambique after the 16-year war of inclusive governance, as well as in the building of the OTM-Central Sindical.


Amandio Borges


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