Mozambique: Ronguane submits his candidacy for MDM presidency

Mozambique: Ronguane submits his candidacy for MDM presidency
Mozambique: Ronguane submits his candidacy for MDM presidency

Africa-PressMozambique. Silverio Ronguane, a parliamentary deputy for the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), the country’s second largest opposition party, on Saturday submitted his nomination papers to become the Party’s next President, who will be elected at an MDM congress scheduled for early December.

Cited by the independent television station, STV, Ronguane, who has been an MDM member of parliament for the past nine years, claimed that his candidacy has been proposed by the Party’s delegation in Maputo province. He boasted that he is very confident of victory.

“What we have done here is a demonstration of our will to contribute to a free and democratic Party, where everything is above board, continuing the efforts of our founder, Daviz Simango.” Ronguane said.

The parliamentarian had expressed his will to run for the MDM leadership two months ago, and declared that he wants to succeed his political mentor as the Party’s president.

“As I always said, I am a dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant”, Ronguane continued. “Our leader was an irreplaceable giant and as we are on the shoulders of that giant we believe that we will have a vibrant and focused MDM, and above all a Party of electoral victories”.

His election agent, Roldao da Conceicao, praised the candidate and added that conditions have been created for Ronguane to take the Party’s leadership.

“We have fulfilled the first phase. From now on we will keep working to ensure the victory of his candidacy. We believe that Ronguane will push forward the Party’s objectives, based on the wisdom of the late leader,” Conceicao declared.

Daviz Simango, who founded the party in 2009, died on 22 February, and since then the party has been led, on an interim basis, by its General Secretary, Jose Domingos.

Domingos is thought almost certain to stand in the December election, as is Lutero Simango, the brother of Daviz, who is currently the head of the MDM parliamentary group.


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