New police vehicles to boost response to crime

New police vehicles to boost response to crime
New police vehicles to boost response to crime

Africa-Press – Mozambique. The General Commander of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), Bernardino Rafael, said that the vehicles that the corporation is introducing to patrol various neighbourhoods in the capital, are among a range of measures designed to reach the community, the essence of its mission to maintain law and order.

Rafael, who was speaking yesterday at the administrative post of Ressano Garcia in Maputo province, was reacting to comments about the PRM’s new transport options, recently introduced to further improve their ability to fight crime.

“What is happening in the police is a process of modernization, and we are following the models of the world’s police in terms of means of work,” he explained.

Rafael noted that, if people were better informed, they would know that police patrol assets around the world include vehicles such as the new “txopelas” (motorized tricycles).

Rafael said the corporation prioritized the community, which is at the core of its action, and there are areas in communities which can be accessed only by the right vehicle. He cited, by way of example, settlements such as KaLhamanculo and KaMaxaquene.

“With these vehicles that we are testing, it will be possible to get where you want in the police patrols – that can be made on foot, by motorbikes, but there are also cars, horses and other means,” Rafael said.

The new vehicles, which have already attracted derogatory names such as “little bees”, “butterflies”, due to their modest dimensions, are, according to Rafael, part of the wide range of means that the corporation is adopting to assure its performance.

The commander revealed that the vehicles were a donation received in 2021, but it was necessary to prepare police officers in their use, accidents being a problem routinely besetting the corporation.

“In patrols, we don’t want young people ‘running before they can walk’, so it was necessary to prepare their users first,” he explained.

Asked by AIM about technical assistance guaranteeing the new vehicles’ durability, Rafael said that the acceptance of the donation was based on a survey carried out in the market.

“The txopelas which circulate in our cities have assistance, so we believe that we too will be guaranteed technical assistance,” he replied.

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