Nyusi calls for robust primary health care

Nyusi calls for robust primary health care
Nyusi calls for robust primary health care

Africa-Press – Mozambique. Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday warned that “without a robust and good quality health system, there is no development”.

Speaking in Maputo at the ceremony where he swore into office the new Deputy Health Minister, Farida Algy Abdula, Nyusi demanded a robust primary health care system, which is flexible and focused on good standards of care in all health units.

He called for the elimination of corruption and illicit charges that have frequently been reported in the health service and which Nyusi regarded as undermining the government’s efforts to increase access to health care.

Nyusi challenged the new deputy minister to participate actively in implementing the programme “one district, one hospital” – intended to ensure that every district in the country has at least one hospital, thus expanding basic services across the entire country.

Abdula has worked for more than 20 years in Mozambican hospitals, including a period as clinical director of Maputo Central Hospital, the largest health unit in the country.

“We are counting on your knowledge to help solve the problems that have already been identified”, Nyusi told her. “We must strengthen the planning and management of hospital logistics”.

As for the medicine shortages reported in some hospitals, Nyusi said it is urgent to stamp out irregularities in the acquisition, storage and distribution of medicines, caused by theft, incompetence in the management of stocks, and poor quality control.

The Mozambican people, he said, “want hospital logistics that obey high standards of quality and effectiveness”.

Abdula told reporters she will do all in her power to improve the robustness of primary health care. She said she intends to meet with Health Minister Armindo Tiago to define the strategies to be followed in dealing with priority areas.

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