Security in Cabo Delgado: Nyusi encourages companies

Security in Cabo Delgado: Nyusi encourages companies
Security in Cabo Delgado: Nyusi encourages companies

Africa-Press – Mozambique. The President of the Republic said that the security situation in Cabo Delgado was stabilising and that residents were starting to return to Palma and other areas they had abandoned because of terrorist attacks, encouraging private companies to follow suit.

Responding to questions raised by entrepreneurs at the CEO Community African Chapter Business Meeting, Filipe Nyusi said that it was necessary to start bearing in mind that terrorist acts did not end, but life must go on.

“I have been in the North. I was in Palma until very late. The house where I was supposed to sleep had been attacked in the past, but if it was available, I would have slept there. I’m saying that the people who were in Palma want to know when the companies will return,” the head of state said.

Nyusi revealed that he spoke on Wednesday to his Rwandan counterpart, Paul Kagame, who had asked why companies were not returning, given that “the work was being done”.

Nyusi recalled that, when most companies left Palma, there were still acts of terrorism in the other areas nearby, but said that security is now better than at the time of the attack that led to the stoppage of French multinational TotalEnergies’ natural gas-related activities.

The Mozambican head of state further advocated that returning the productive or entrepreneurial movement to those areas could also be a sign of challenging the State to improve the security of the industrial projects underway.

When asked about the impact of Total not returning, the President of the Republic acknowledged that such a measure would, in fact, be of great impact, but pointed out that the possibility was never considered, so much so, that it was never mentioned in the conversations he had held with managers at the multinational

“At most they put pressure on the State to do its part, which is to restore security. TotalEnergies itself has been making its contribution to stabilising the situation as quickly as possible through training actions, preparing youth for employment,” he said.

The CEO Community African Chapter Business Meeting was organised by the Association of Commerce, Industry and Services (ACIS) and by European House – Ambrosetti, an Italian organisation that promotes business between European partners and other regions of the world. Participants had the opportunity to talk face-to-face to the President of the Republic and other members of the Mozambican Government about opportunities for foreign investment in the country.

In discussions, Nyusi expressed Mozambique’s openness to welcoming any type of investment, as long as legal parameters are observed and it promotes employment and is mutually beneficial.

The president reiterated the potential and investment opportunities that Mozambique offers in the tourism, public works and energy sectors, among others.

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