Société Générale Mozambique shows solidarity with the victims of Cyclone Freddy

Société Générale Mozambique shows solidarity with the victims of Cyclone Freddy
Société Générale Mozambique shows solidarity with the victims of Cyclone Freddy

Africa-Press – Mozambique. The Future brings us together for Boane” is the motto used by the Bank for the solidarity movement, in response to the severe damage caused by Cyclone Freddy, which conditioned the movement of goods and people throughout the country including the District of Boane, in Maputo province.

Families were left homeless, infrastructure was destroyed, some institutions served as shelter for affected families and several associations besides the National Institute for Disaster Management, INGC, channeled aid to minimize the pain and suffering of affected families.

The Cooperative for Environmental Education Repensar, a cooperative organization created with the fundamental objective of contributing to the formal and non-formal environmental education of youth, children and communities through the joining of efforts between founding members, employees and partners is one of the organizations involved in receiving aid and channeling it to those affected in which the bank has allied itself to make its intention possible.

Société Générale Mozambique delivered one hundred mattresses and mosquito nets, repellents, clothes donated by employees, several non-perishable food products, which according to the Marketing Director of the Bank, Sónia Abreu, is a joint mobilization between the company and the employees in a humanitarian assistance gesture.

“For the Bank, each person represents the future and Société Générale will always be willing to support the collective needs of the communities where we operate”, explained Sónia.

The Director of Human Resources, Sara Matimele says that “this act is not only an act of corporate responsibility, but also a gesture of love and compassion that touched each employee, because of the sad images we saw in the media. It could have been one of us in this situation, so the message we also want to pass on to society in general is that we are for the future, for the reconstruction of the economy, which is why we are here,” he stressed.

For her part, the representative of the Repensar Cooperative, which is dedicated to actions of environmental education and zero waste, Júlia Ferrão praises this initiative and ensures that this aid will significantly change the lives of communities in a time after the cyclone. “Right now we have families getting back together and they need mattresses for example, notwithstanding the need to prevent diseases like malaria and cholera that are prone to this time”.

In addition to Repensar the Société Général group donated to the IGNC and the Catholic Church resettlement in the Boane district similar products, this being the third social responsibility action in response to Cyclone Freddy.

Since 2011, Société Générale has demonstrated a clear commitment to environmental and social sustainability, including the adoption of specific measures to combat climate change and promote sustainable development in Africa.

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