Amateur boxing spectacle brings northerners together

Amateur boxing spectacle brings northerners together
Amateur boxing spectacle brings northerners together

Africa-PressNamibia. A BOXING tourney – amateur or professional – never fails to excite a theatre of enthusiasts. Yesterday night, the Oshakati Independence Stadium pulled a large sport-starved crowd by hosting a boxing bonanza.

The amateur boxing event organised by the MTC flagship, Kilimanjaro Boxing Club, was aimed at identifying and grooming young talent in five regions. Those boxers will eventually represent their regions at the upcoming annual MTC Namibia Youth Games.

The platform, which delivered exciting bouts featuring minors who traded leather to prove that they have great potential. Speaking to Informanté, the nine-year-old Johanna Kapolo, who was part of the large group that attended the boxing event, said her dreams came true after they were allowed to enter the Stadium free of charge.

“We only watch boxing on phones or television as it has always been expensive to attend the match live,” she said. Kapolo then requested boxing organisers to bring more boxing tournament to them similar to that of the MTC-Kilimanjaro initiative.

Chairperson of the Club, Joseph Bernhard, said boxers from Oshana, Omusati, Oshikoto, Ohangwena and Kunene regions participated last night. “We are doing this to develop young boxers in order to represent us at world championship games,” he concluded.


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