Ndeitunga instructs cops to ignore expired Govt car licence discs

Ndeitunga instructs cops to ignore expired Govt car licence discs
Ndeitunga instructs cops to ignore expired Govt car licence discs

Africa-Press – Namibia. POLICE inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga has directed his regional commanders not to issue tickets to government vehicles for their expired licence discs, “but rather allow the vehicle to travel”.

This was contained in a directive, written by Ndeitunga and dated 16 July which emerged for the first time in the public domain yesterday. The directive was accompanied by a request for exemption by the executive director in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security, Etienne Maritz.

“This matter has caused the drought relief distribution programme in rural areas to not materialise because of the expired licence discs,” Ndeitunga said.

Ndeitunga said Maritz’ office had received complaints of government vehicles receiving tickets from traffic law enforcement officers for expired licence discs.

“You are hereby directed to instruct the traffic law enforcement officers under your command to not issue tickets on expired GRN vehicles, but rather allow the GRN vehicles to travel,” Ndeitunga said.

In an accompanying letter, Maritz requested that Ministry of Works and Transport executive director Esther Kaapanda allow traffic law enforcement to exempt government vehicles for expired licence discs. Maritz made reference to a ticket issued to their control administrative officer, Miika Tjiveta, while on official duty on 11 May 2021.

“Your esteemed office is hereby informed that due to delays in renewal of licence discs by the government garage, essential services rendered by the ministry cannot be stopped or postponed due to the nature of the services rendered by the department of home affairs,” Maritz said.

He said the expired discs had resulted in the issuing of traffic tickets to government drivers on official missions and assignments at roadblocks. “The Namibian Police at the department of traffic law enforcement has been approached and understands the delays experienced with the renewal of licence discs for government vehicles,” he said.

Kaapanda told The Namibian yesterday that she had not received such a request from Maritz. “I don’t recall it. I don’t recall such a request,” she said. Efforts to reach Maritz proved futile as calls and messages went unanswered.

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