Oshikuku upgrades road to bitumen standard

Oshikuku upgrades road to bitumen standard
Oshikuku upgrades road to bitumen standard

Africa-Press – Namibia. The Oshikuku Town Council has commenced upgrading a gravel road in Extension 2 to bitumen standard.

Oshikuku Town Council spokesperson John Siloiso told Nampa on Wednesday that work on the road started in January, and is being carried out concurrently with the construction of a stormwater channel.

Siloiso said the contract for the upgrade was awarded at a cost of N$2.3 million from the four-way stop up to the vicinity of Uukwambi Pharmacy towards Rani Oshikuku Mini market.

“The purpose of this work is to provide a better road network to residents of Extensions 2, 4 and 9,” he said, adding that the council will continue upgrading the road as funds become available until the entire road has been upgraded to bitumen.

Over the past three months, the progress on site has been slow as the contractor had some challenges they had to address. However, work has resumed, and is progressing well.

Moreover, Siloiso indicated that council has awarded a second contract worth N$991 000 for the re-graveling of gravel roads in Extension 2, and the creation of access roads in Extension 9.

“The process of development comes with some inconveniences and challenges that sometimes disrupt the normal way of life, but the council is committed to minimising such inconveniences during the execution of its projects,” he said.

Siloiso also stressed that the goal of each council project is to enhance service delivery to communities, despite certain limitations.

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