Otavi turns the corner on wastewater management

Otavi turns the corner on wastewater management
Otavi turns the corner on wastewater management

Africa-Press – Namibia. OTAVI Town Council has turned around its waste water management system, putting a stop to the overflow challenges that the town has faced over the years.

The town’s mayor, Isack !Hoaeb said the town council undertook measures to address the inadequacies of the existing affluent treatment infrastructure and expand the oxidation ponds.

He said the ponds were constructed when the town had a modest population but now they faced challenges with overflows due to the town’s rapid growth.

Thus, recognising the urgency of the situation, the council embarked on an extension project, augmenting the facility with the addition of two new cells, he said.

!Hoaeb explained that the expansion effectively mitigated the issue of overflowing sewage, relieving a significant burden on the town’s sanitation system.

“The oxidation ponds were constructed many years ago when the population of Otavi was still very small. But now, with the population growing, the oxidation ponds were flooded. Now, we have constructed two extra cells and oxidation ponds are no longer flooding,” !Hoaeb explained.

The mayor emphasised the importance of these improvements, highlighting their pivotal role in enhancing public health and environmental sustainability.

He said with the mitigation of overflow, Otavi’s residents can now enjoy cleaner surroundings and reduced risks of waterborne diseases.

!Hoaeb added that the town council has now set sights on pioneering initiatives in water management.

He revealed plans to establish a cutting-edge water recycling plant, signalling the town’s commitment to innovation and sustainable development.

This ambitious project aims to harness advanced technology to treat wastewater, rendering it suitable for reuse.

“There is another challenge. We want to reuse the sewage water. So, we want to put up a treatment plant there so that we can do that. But the town is still growing, and the oxidation ponds might overflow again. However, we want to put up a treatment plant there so that we can reuse the water,” said !Hoaeb.

According to him, the treatment plant has multifaceted use, especially in agriculture.

He said by recycling water for crop irrigation, Otavi stands to conserve precious resources while bolstering local farming endeavours. This approach not only promotes agricultural sustainability but also fosters resilience against water scarcity challenges.

“You know, Otavi has fertile soil and we can use that water for gardening,” said !Hoaeb.

The proposed water recycling plant reflects Otavi’s proactive approach to addressing contemporary environmental concerns.

He said by embracing innovative solutions, the town is poised to set a precedent for responsible water management practices in the region.

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