Theofelus commends Namibian artists for promoting Namibian brand

Theofelus commends Namibian artists for promoting Namibian brand
Theofelus commends Namibian artists for promoting Namibian brand

Africa-Press – Namibia. Information minister Emma Theofelus has praised Namibian artists for their contribution in promoting brand Namibia. She was the guest of honour at the exhibition opening of visual artists Pieter Basson, nephew Tiaan de Kock and JW Bonthuys at the Namibian Arts Association Gallery on Wednesday under the theme ‘New Beginnings’.

The exhibition comprised several neo-expressionism pieces by 20-year art veteran Basson in vibrant colours and messages, and marked his return to local galleries after a five-year hiatus. De Kock and Bonthuys exhibited under the mentorship of Basson.

Theofelus commended artists’ creative endeavours which are linked to her ministry’s mission to elevate the brand on a global scale, and emphasised the significance of art in capturing the essence of a nation, serving as a powerful tool to showcase its diversity and allure.

“We appreciate the work that you do as artists in this country, and we see the progress you are making. Your success is ultimately our success,” she said.

She added that Namibians have so much to offer, and the arts space is one of them. “It is one of the areas, among others, that captures the real soul of what Namibia is, and what it can offer differently to the world.

We want your art to be in every diplomatic mission. If someone wants to come to Namibia, they must see the Namibian missions around the art, and appreciate the Namibians and their talents. We want to find a way to post you as Namibian artists onto the global stage,” she stated.

The minister added that artists should count on her support, cheerleading and advocacy where necessary, and this is the value Namibians need in order to build a collective Namibia.

Acknowledging the artists’ dedication to their craft, the minister reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting the local creative industry. She emphasised the importance of providing platforms and resources for artists to thrive, both domestically and internationally, as they play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s image and narrative.

Being a veteran in the creative industry, Basson described the exhibition as his “rebirth”. “New Beginnings to me means a new day dawns. The Bluebell is prevalent in my work because it resembles the first flower which blooms post-winter,” he beamed. The joint exhibition not only celebrated the talent and creativity of Namibian artists, but also served as a relationship between art and nation-building.

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