UPM, NEFC rally behind Angula in presidential race

UPM, NEFC rally behind Angula in presidential race
UPM, NEFC rally behind Angula in presidential race

Africa-Press – Namibia. The United People’s Movement (UPM) and National Empowerment Fighting for Corruption (NEFC) party yesterday announced the formation of an alliance in support of independent candidate Ally Angula in the lead-up to the Presidential and National Assembly elections in November this year.

The two parties entered into a formal agreement not to file a candidate to contest for the November presidential race, and to allow their members and sympathisers to vote for Angula. Both parties trust her leadership capabilities and chances to become the next president of Namibia.

UPM leader Jan van Wyk and Kenneth Iilonga, president of NEFC, signed the agreement on behalf of the two political parties.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Angula welcomed the alliance, saying this would pave the way to oust the ruling Swapo Party as well as allow every Namibian, regardless of race and colour, to be a part of the Namibian House.

She furthermore used the opportunity to call on other parties which were not part of the formation to reach out and join their efforts in making sure that Swapo is removed from power. The alliance remains open for a period of 14 days for any political party which wants to join.

Angula promised to form a government that would tackle unemployment and youth empowerment if voted into power.

For seats in the National Assembly, the parties agreed to participate in the election under an umbrella called Alliance for Christian Democratic Organisation (ACDO).

Van Wyk said the alliance is formed in terms of Section 144 of the Electoral Act, Act no 05 of 2014.

On the ballot paper, ACDO will be represented by a white cross symbol with a light blue trim with an abbreviation ACDO in red, surrounded by a light blue circle. The logos of the participating parties will also feature under the cross within the circle.

The two parties agreed that since the UPM has two seats in the National Assembly, the parties agreed for UPM to take the first two seats and the last seat after all leaders of political parties are listed.

The leader of the UPM will serve as the leader of the official opposition and deputy chief whip of ACDO in the National Assembly if no other party joins the alliance after the signing of the agreement.

Furthermore, each party will have its own bank account, in which party funds will be paid. Each party will be responsible for preparing its own financial statements and audits for submitting to the relevant authorities.

The MoU provides for the alliance to be managed by the council, and will be rotated on an annual basis, starting with the NEFC as chairperson for the first year. The secretary general and accountants of the parties will serve as the secretariat of the council.

The two presidents furthermore agreed to work together and cooperate during the November elections, and to allocate 70% of the National Assembly seats to the youth under 35 years.

“This decision is driven by the fact that young people between the ages of 18 to 35 are the majority of the voting corps in Namibia’’, said Van Wyk.

Each party remains a separate registered political party for the purposes of the MoU and National Assembly operations.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission of Namibia has announced the termination of certificates and deregistration of six political movements and associations. The terminated parties are Otavi Residents’ Association, Local Community Association Mariental, Local Community Association Windhoek, Ada/Gui-senior Citizens and Destitute Children’s Association, Omaruru Residents’ Association, and the Concerned People’s Organisation of Keetmanshoop.

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