Cutting trees for the love of work and nature – The Namibian

Cutting trees for the love of work and nature - The Namibian
Cutting trees for the love of work and nature - The Namibian

Africa-PressNamibia. AFTER completing three years’ electrical engineering studies at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology, Ignatius !Ganeb (26) started his own tree-cutting business.

His aim was to protect the environment while tackling youth unemployment. “The business is dedicated to the preservation of the urban environment and to fighting youth unemployment,” he says.!Ganeb says cutting trees was new territory for him, but instead of waiting to be employed in the electrical engineering field, he opted to create employment for himself and others.“Sometimes we have to venture into a trade totally unrelated to what we studied for,” he says.!Ganeb, who is also a farmer, says his love for nature inspired the tree-cutting venture.Noting that trees play a vital role in the environment, !Ganeb explains dead or decaying trees can prove hazardous as fungi and bacteria deposited from such trees pose a threat to soil. “This will dry up the soil, and may in turn increase the risk of rainflow blockage of underground water – thus reducing the flow of water beneath the surface.“It can also interfere with seedling growth. It is therefore necessary to remove some trees,” he says.!Ganeb not only cuts trees, but also plants them to contribute to the environment’s health and well-being. With a team of four skilled workers and six part-time semi-skilled staff members, !Ganeb Industries is more than just a tree-cutting service.The six part-time employees involve Namibia College of Open Learning students and unemployed young people.!Ganeb plans to employ more young people to boost employment and thus reduce crime.“I want to teach them to work with their hands and provide for their families,” he says. He also wants to educate farmers and nursery owners on enhancing the well-being of the environment.!Ganeb says his business operates countrywide to maximise cost-efficiency.


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