The ‘new normal’: Ergonomic workstations?

The 'new normal': Ergonomic workstations?
The 'new normal': Ergonomic workstations?

Africa-PressNigeria. The pandemic has been massively disruptive to the way we work, with businesses initially scrambling to remain productive when staff was forced to work remotely.

With concerns of a Covid-19 third wave set to hit South Africa, it’s a useful time for employers to take a long-term look at the health of their work-from-home employees, physiotherapist, and founder, of Ergotherapy Solutions, Gary Arenson, suggests.

Arenson urges employers to support their employees’ health in the ‘new normal.’

South Africans work on average a staggering 2209 hours per annum on average – 43 hours a week – some of the longest working hours in the world, according to Our World in Data.

In the work-from-home situation, many workers are sitting for long periods at makeshift desks.

Across South Africa, the number of patients seeking relief from work-related back and neck injuries and pain from physiotherapists and chiropractors has surged, according to Arenson.

Arenson recommends that employers expand their thinking about ‘workplace wellness’.

He suggests that employers start investing in creating functional and comfortable working environments, wherever they physically work.

How can employers support their employees in this ‘new normal?’

Investing in ergonomic workstations is the best way to do it, according to Arenson.

An ergonomic workstation promotes good posture, while all the work equipment is arranged in a way, that prevents injury and is well within reach and use.

These small changes can make big impacts, such as reducing illness and absenteeism and increasing productivity.

“Visionary leaders understand that investing in the right equipment is an investment in employees and that it can benefit the bottom line,” Arenson said.

Ergotherapy Solutions has a team of ergonomic experts made up of experienced physiotherapists who are passionate about providing solutions for every workplace imaginable.


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