How swimming can benefit the body

How swimming can benefit the body
How swimming can benefit the body

Africa-Press – Rwanda. Swimming is one of the sports or physical exercise that different people engage in mostly for fun. There are however numerous health benefits that come with practising the sport.

Swimming is known to be very useful and crucial to the body because it is a sport which uses the entire body when doing it, according to Anicet Batura, an aquatic physiotherapist at Centre Medicale Orkide.

He explains that swimming can maintain body fitness, not only physically but also mentally. Below are some of the other health advantages of swimming, as pointed out by the medic;

Increase joint flexibility

Swimming brings joint flexibility; it is one of the exercises that allow people to perform movement in full range of motions. Water allows a person to stretch well, which brings about flexibility and extensibility of muscles as well as other soft tissues around joints.

It increases muscle strength

Swimming engages almost all muscle groups in order to keep balance on water surface as it requires a person to use arms, torso, legs and stomach to keep moving forward. While performing this movement, the repetitive movements and dynamic resistance of water that oppose the movement result in increase in muscle strength, muscle tone and eventually facilitate fitness and weight loss.

Decreases pain

Swimming reduces pain especially for those with low back pain and cervical pain. The physiotherapist often recommends this sport for people with this form of pain.

Good for people with disability

Physical or mental disability can limit people to engage in sports, but swimming can be an option for them. It can also be used to boost confidence and improve social skills for them.

Swimming is good for people with injuries

Having an injury or a condition such as arthritis can make it difficult to exercise. In that case, swimming is a recommended exercise that works to support the muscles, relieve the joint pain and strengthen the muscle.

It’s safe during pregnancy

Swimming is a recommended exercise for pregnant women due to the fact that, added weight during pregnancy sometimes causes joint and muscle pain. Through swimming, the water supports weight loss and helps women feel more comfortable during exercise while staying fit. But it is always good to consult a medical doctor before you start exercising.

Managing stress

Swimming is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety because it can direct the mind away from troubling thoughts. Before engaging in the sport, the physiotherapist advises to make sure that you know how to swim properly and swim in a safe environment.

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