3D printing machines to be assembled in Rwanda

3D printing machines to be assembled in Rwanda
3D printing machines to be assembled in Rwanda

Africa-Press – Rwanda. 3D printing machines are expected to start being assembled in Rwanda in the next six months, according to Danny Bizimana, Country Manager of Fablab Rwanda, a local innovation hub.

A Memorandum of Understanding that was signed between the hub and Accumesh, a manufacturing industry based in Dubai, UAE became the initial step for this development and will enable the industry to set its branch at the Special Economic Zone where 3D printing machines will be assembled and made available at a lower price.

3D printers are a new generation of machines that can make everyday things. They can produce different kinds of objects, in different materials, all from the same machine and can make anything from ceramic cups to plastic toys, metal machine parts, stoneware vases, fancy chocolate cakes among others.

Speaking with The New Times, Bizimana said that Accumesh got interested in investing in Rwanda because there is a potential market, adding that its establishment will help tackle issues related to high costs and time of shipping the machines as well as other consumables that are needed in the country.

“The price will be highly decreased. For example, a machine we buy at 32,000 USD will be costing 15 USD when assembled in Rwanda,” he said.

As part of the partnership, Accumesh will transfer technology to Fablab Rwanda, the hub in charge of training people how to use 3D printing machines as well as their procurement.

Bizimana noted that for innovators, the deal will solve another challenge regarding some who used to send their designs to China. This will solve issues of potential theft, and manufacturers from different sectors will now be able to design objects they want and print them with accurate measurements.

Robert Bapfakurera, Chairman of the Private Sector Federation said that the machines will bring new technology to the country that will make work easier and quicker.

“That will result in large production of quality products because the machines can produce many in a small time,” he added.

He noted that the industries will also use less manpower and since the machines will be manufactured in Rwanda, many industries will be able to own them at a cheap price.

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