Chinese Envoy In Rwanda Bids Farewell To Ruling Party

Chinese Envoy In Rwanda Bids Farewell To Ruling Party
Chinese Envoy In Rwanda Bids Farewell To Ruling Party

Africa-Press – Rwanda. On Wednesday morning, China’s Ambassador to Rwanda H.E. Rao Hongwei paid a courtesy call to the Secretary General of the ruling party RPF Inkotanyi, Hon. François Ngarambe to bid him farewell as his tour of duty comes to an end.

A statement from the party’s twitter account said that during the visit, Amb. Rao appreciated the people centered governance by RPF similar to that of the Communist Party of China.

Amb. RAO commended the relationship between the two parties and said that over the past five years of his tenure, they continued to build solid ties based on their similarities.

He said that Covid-19 reduced physical contact but exchange was maintained using different means. The Chinese envoy appreciated the facilitation rendered to him during his five-year tour of duty to Rwanda thanks to Rwanda government and RPF.

On his part, Hon. Ngarambe said that during the five years much has been done, including the visit by Chinese President to Rwanda while China also increased its partnership in different sectors with Rwanda.

SG Ngarambe said, “Interparty relations also increased during your tenure and I implore you to continue being a good “ambassador” for Rwanda wherever you will go after this assignment. And you will always find a home in Rwanda any time you feel like coming back.” Amb. RAO, “I will continue promoting relations with Rwanda and advocating for investing in the country and to visit Rwanda.”

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