Chinese embassy marks 50th anniversary of Sino-Rwanda diplomaticties

Chinese embassy marks 50th anniversary of Sino-Rwanda diplomatic ties
Chinese embassy marks 50th anniversary of Sino-Rwanda diplomatic ties

Africa-PressRwanda. The Chinese embassy in Rwanda has launched a photography contest as one of the activities that will be done to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries. China and Rwanda established diplomatic relations on Novembe 12, 1971.

The photography context is aimed at showcasing some of the numerous moments and stories regarding the two countries’ relations, in addition to presenting the aspects of Rwanda’s uniqueness.

“As we stand at an important point of remembering the past and looking forward to the future, and in order to further promote cultural exchanges between the two countries, the Chinese Embassy in Rwanda hereby invites all friends to join a photo contest in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries,” reads a statement from the Chinese embassy.

The context is divided into two parts: the first is dubbed “China-Rwanda Friendship,” and it is aimed at showing people, stories and achievements regarding the exchanges and cooperation between China and Rwanda.

The second part is called “Unique Rwanda.” It is aimed at highlighting the characteristics of Rwanda, showing the distinctive features of Rwanda’s society, culture, nature, history, and other aspects.

The contest will have three 1st prize winners, five 2nd prize winners, eight 3rd prize winners and 10 winners for excellent works awards. Prizes include smart phones, mobile hard drives, digital photo frames and gifts from China.


Entry period:September 14 – October 15 Judging period: October 16 – November 1 (October 20 – October 30 is the online popular voting period) Awards ceremony and online exhibition of works: Early November

Entry Submission and Guidelines

Each participant can submit single photo or photo story (two to three images), and should submit a brief introduction of the work (including the site of shooting, background story, etc.), a brief introduction of the author and contact information including mobile and email together with the works.

Entries must be submitted electronically to the following mailbox: [email protected] in entry period. The title of the email should indicate the “Author name – Photograph name”.

The content of the entries should be positive and must not involve pornography, violence, religion and racial discrimination, and shall not be placed in advertisements.

Photos must be with no corner mark, logo or watermark. Any equipment can be used, if using mobile phone, it is recommended to shoot in landscape mode. Computer-generated images are not allowed, but software can be used to adjust the size and color of the picture. The resolution should be higher than 300dpi.

Copyright details:

1.Entry is limited to original works for which the participant holds all applicable rights. If any dispute arises with regard to copyright, trademark right, reputation right and any other legal rights and interests related to the work, the consequences and losses shall be borne by the participant.

2.The participant grants the organizer non-exclusive use of high- resolution pictures for activities in all media, and all promotional activities for and under the auspices of the organizer, without any remuneration being due.

3.And the organizer will indicate the name of the author and other relevant information when using the submitted works.

Other Notes

1. In order to ensure the fairness, impartiality and openness of the contest, the organizer will invite representatives of Rwandan professional fields to the judging panel.

2. After winning works are selected, the organizer will contact the author within five working days. If the author cannot be reached, it will be considered as the author voluntarily gives up the prize.

3.The right to interpret this event belongs to the organizer. The participation in the contest indicates participants’ acceptance of above contest rules.


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