Tourism minister leads second visit to small operators in the south of Mahé

Tourism minister leads second visit to small operators in the south of Mahé
Tourism minister leads second visit to small operators in the south of Mahé

Africa-Press – Seychelles. The Minister for Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde, together with the principal secretary for Tourism, Sherin Francis; the director general for Destination Planning and Development, Paul Lebon; and Michel Agrippine from the Destination Marketing team embarked on their second visit to tourism establishments for the year.

This team’s focus turned to the idyllic southern village of Anse Royale and its surrounding areas.

Building on the successes of their earlier explorations in Anse à la Mouche and Anse aux Poules Bleues in January, the delegation delved into ten small-scale establishments ranging from two to 12 rooms. Their itinerary was punctuated by a delightful pause at the renowned Jardin du Roi café, nestled amidst its enchanting gardens.

Commencing at 9am at Healing Island Apartments in Sweet Escott, Anse Royale, the visit unfolded seamlessly, encompassing a series of charming accommodations including Fler Payanke, Creole Cottage annex, Le Ronce Villa, Koko Grove Chalets, Kannel Apartment, Residence Monto Cristo, Ever Green Apartments, and Cella Villa.

PS Francis expressed her satisfaction with the operators’ performance, underscoring the consistently high occupancy rates in the region.

“We’re pleased to observe that the majority of the operators we visited are dedicated to maintaining our destination’s reputation as a gem of the Indian Ocean, exuding a genuine warmth and embodying the Creole spirit. Many of them reported occupancy rates ranging between 80 and 90 percent, with some noting extended stays of over a month for their clients. After experiencing their offerings firsthand, it is evident why guests are drawn to these experiences, which authentically reflect our brand,” said Mrs Francis.

Operators reciprocated this sentiment, highlighting the significant portion of their clientele originating from Europe, particularly Russians and Germans, often through glowing client referrals.

They also emphasised the overwhelmingly positive reviews received over the past year, praising the authentic Creole hospitality which includes special experiences such as handpicked fresh fruits from the garden, Creole barbecues, and cooking sessions with the operators.

In discussions aimed at furthering industry growth and adaptability, operators were encouraged to explore the benefits of joining the ParrApi platform, recognising its potential to elevate visibility and accessibility within the tourism sector.

Furthermore, an open dialogue fostered by the delegation allowed small hotel establishment operators to voice their current concerns and challenges. Of particular note was the issue of animal welfare in Seychelles, identified as a critical concern for visitors. In response, operators appealed to the minister and his principal secretary for collaborative solutions to address this matter effectively.

This proactive engagement underscores the Ministry for Tourism’s commitment to nurturing Seychelles’ vibrant hospitality landscape while addressing pertinent challenges, ensuring the continued allure of the archipelago as a premier tourist destination.

The accompanying photos show Minister Radegonde and his team visiting some of the establishments in the south of Mahé.

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