Africa-Press – Sierra-Leone. These couples have been declared wanted by the Sowei secret society group and the Criminal Investigations Department of the Sierra Leone Police for allegedly exposing the Bondo society and it activities.

Speaking to this medium, the Deputy Head of Sowei Society in Port Loko district, Fatmata Kamara said Suad’s mother Kadiatu Kamara was a senior member of the Bondo society in the district.

“Mrs. Kadiatu Kamara told us that anytime she dies, her eldest daughter Suad Bangura must replace her as Head of the Bondo society and we are going by that order,” Madam Kamara told this medium. She said in society, they abide by the decisions of their superiors.

An eldest in the family, MD. Binta Kamara said when the mother became seriously ill, they informed Suad who later informed her husband Abu Bakar Bangura.

She said Abu Bakar told his wife to go to Melekuray Village in Port Loko district to see the condition of her mother.

On arrival at the Village, Suad did not meet her mother there as she was taken to the shrine in the thick forest where she was being treated.

This she said did not go down well with Suad who insisted that her mother should be taken to the hospital and not the shrine.

She said the Sowei elders later informed Suad about her mother’s decision for her to replace her as Head of the Soweis in the district after her demise but Suad vehemently rejected the move.

“I am not interested in this issue. I want to focus on my normal business. I don’t want to be a Sowei, because it is an inhumane act,” Suad was quoted to have said.

This development did not go down well with the society women who insisted that she must abide by her mother’s wish.

Haja Fatmata said a serious confrontation ensued between Suad and society women. During the confrontation, Zainab became unconscious and she was forcefully initiated.

A few days later, Abu Bakar decided to visit Melekuray Village to know the condition of his mother in law only to meet his wife initiated against her wish.

It was during the argument that they were informed about the death of Mamy Kadiatu Kamara. The couple decided to escape from the bush to save their lives after they have seriously threatened by the society women to kill them.

They accused Abu Bakar of entering the shrine contrary to their customs and traditions and his wife Suad for rejecting the decision of her mother. The head of CID in Port Loko Superintendent Moses Gbla said they have received complaints against Abu Bakar from the society women. He said Abu Bakar was invited to the Police Station to make a statement but refused.

“The police have issued a warrant of arrest for Abu Bakar for failing to respond to police invitation. A handsome reward of five million Leones will be given to anyone who will give police information leading to his arrest,” ASP Moses said.

Because of the tense situation in the Village, both Abu Bakar and Suad were rushed out of the community to an unknown destination and since then their whereabouts remains unknown.

Family members have however expressed serious concern about their safety and well-being.

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