REVEALED: Why Samura Kamara Count His Days to State House

REVEALED: Why Samura Kamara Count His Days to State House
REVEALED: Why Samura Kamara Count His Days to State House

Africa-Press – Sierra-Leone. Three Sierra Leonean Academics living in the United States of America (USA) have highlighted their forecast for the 2023 elections and summed up that by all indications the former All People’s Congress Party (APC) flag bearer, Dr Samura Kamara, should now begin to count his days to state house.

Dr. Kelvin Manfred Jones, Researcher at the Nevada Base Institute of Political M Science, who has lectured in Kenyan Universities, says that the Bio Administration has facilitated an easy work over in the 2023 Presidential elections for Samura Kamara. He indicated that the Bio Administration has, of recent, increased electricity supply from a 17 Megawalts bail out from the Mano River Pool, but this has equally been met with a sharp increase in electricity tariff imposed by EDSA; Little Financial returns in foreign currency to discourage its fluctuating challenges, uncertain job opportunities as graduates multiply in figures. transportation cost that has dwindled, domestic income, Selected officies for selected officials, increase in political intimidation of opposition parties, has presented that highest number of bills ever to Parliament, free quality education plunged in corruption, frequent sackings and appointments, promised commissions were never e.g. proposed LAC commission.Madam Mabel Johnson is a Senior Nurse at a hospital in Rochester in New York, she believes that the refusal of Parliament to pass the recent bills into law in the first instance signifies that the days of the Bio Presidency are only numbered. Mabel says these emergency bills with negative response were basically meant to avoid competition in elections.

They were simply attempts to muzzle The Consortium of Progressive Political Parties’ moves to form a strong a coalition against SLPP presence in ass constituencies and wards in and around the country.

Nathaniel Bendu. Campaigner for social Justice in Sierra Leone and other developing countries in all five continents has visited 73 developing countries struggling to practice transparency in governance system through transparency and accountability. acknowledges that the position of security apparatus to frustrate justice to opposition supporters and members is consistency with African dictators, and predicted that the only remedy for Sierra Leoneans to choose their future leader depends on the involvement, commitment and presence of the International Community when the whistle blows for elections, only then, he concluded, will voters feel assured of the results pronounced.

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